Fine sake brewed by
the union of people, rice, and process.

  • The rice used to produce sake at Gochouda Brewery is privately grown by the brewers. After a long summer of caring for the rice fields comes the joyous autumn harvest. This carefully cultivated rice enables the brewers to put their hearts and souls into producing our fine sake.
  • Our brewery is located in a quiet countryside. It was established in 1922, after separating from the Setoh Main House, that had a 350 year tradition of sake production. Our brand name, Azumaichi (“Azuma” means Orient, and “ichi” is one) defines our dedication to produce the number one sake in the Orient.
  • In 1988 it became the first in Saga to grow Yamada-nishiki rice. We continuously researched
  • the creation of “Ginjo-zo,” and in 1990 our Daiginjo brewed from Yamada-nishiki was awarded a gold prize by Zenkoku Shinshu Kanpyokai (National Research Institute of Brewing).
  • This sake was crafted using rice from Shiota and the subsoil water of a clear stream of the Shiota River. The rice is ideal for fine sake production, because Shiota is one of the best rice cultivation areas of Kyushu’s western Saga Plain.
  • The merger of traditional techniques and the master brewer’s experience and instinct with our concept of fine sake production is enhanced by our research and technology. “Azumaichi” is loved by sake connoisseurs nationwide, as well as, being the pride of Saga home-towners.




    Azumaichi sake is the reknown sake of Saga,

    and is brewed with utmost care from estate-grown rice.

    This sake-brewing starting material is the revered Yamada-nishiki rice, which is raised by a special group of brewery workers and retirees. The rice is precisely polished, then hand-crafted into our fine Junmai Daiginjo. Each bottle and glass possesses an elegant flavor, a mild Ginjo with hints of tropical fruits, and a unique balance between acidity and bitterness.

  • Grade
  • Sake Meter Value
  • Acidity
  • Rice
  • Rice Polishing Ratio
  • Yeast
  • Junmai Daiginjo
  • S+1
  • 1.8
  • Yamadanishiki
  • 39%
  • Kumamoto Private
  • Production




  • It has a delicate aroma, diffused throughout the tasting, enhancing its mild umami rice accent. The smooth, rich flavor make our Junmai Ginjo perfect as a dinner pairing.




  • Azumaichi junmai-shu is brewed to enhance the umami flavor of rice. Its flavor is mild, but also fresh and reflective. The fullness typical of Yamada-nishiki rice can be thoroughly enjoyed.

Yamada-nishiki rice fields, expertly cultivated by the Azumaichi Brewery, surround the brewery.

The history of tradition and modernization in the brewing

of our fine Azumaichi Junmai Daiginjo sake.

  • In 1988 we succeeded in cultivating Yamada-nishiki rice, which previously had not been successfully grown in Saga. By growing our own rice we ensured a stable sake production. Our brewers could adjust their process according to the rice qualities in each harvest. Four brewing vats with differing capacities are used according to the type of sake produced.
  • For Ginjo production, tradition is coupled with custom-designed, modern machines, such as the square koshiki, that evenly steams rice, and the shikomi container with a reverse conical bottom that allows more facile convection. Our belief in pursuing free and creative thinking has led to the production of our fine sakes.
  • Custom-designed square koshiki. It steams rice more evenly than the former, round koshiki.

Message from Azumaichi Brewery

  • “Fine sake is produced by the unity of people, rice, and process. This concept is our guiding belief and ideal. Our goal is to be involved in year-round production – we cherish this in sake production at Gochouda Brewery. Brewed with total dedication and sincerity from rice cultivation by the brewers themselves, we delight in offering “Azumaichi” sake for your fine dining experience.

  • Brewery Owner: Ippei Setoh